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Twin Peaks UK Festival Costume Contest Is Back!

2017 fest 5


Each year at the http://grapevinepanel.co.uk/?wordfence_lh=1 Buy Viagra 50 mg in Athens Georgia Twin Peaks UK Festival we look forward to seeing all the best costumes that you wonderful Peakies come up with. And each year we are more surprised and more enthralled at your creations!

Over the years we have seen diner waitresses, Miss Twin Peaks entrees, Agent Coopers, Laura Palmers (one even wrapped in plastic!), Audrey Hornes, Denise Bryson, Mr Tojamura, Josie in a drawer knob and even a ceiling fan! But we want to see more!

This years contest we are looking for the surreal, we are looking for the outlandish and we are looking for the insidiously nightmarish! And what’s more, there will a costume parade each day of the festival with a winner announced each day! So you weekend ticket holders have 2 chances to win!

Just come along to the fest dressed in your bestTwin Peaks’ inspired outfits! Our celebrity guests and the Twin Peaks UK Festival team will spend the day judging, yes JUDGING you! 

Get to work Peakies (although we know some of you already are!)

Book your tickets for the 2018 Twin Peaks UK Festival here!


Photo : Emilie Declerck at the Twin Peaks UK Festival 2017.