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Lynchian Inspired Short Films Selected for the Twin Peaks UK Festival

DL filming

Well Peakies, it wasn’t easy, but we’ve done it! Listed below are the LYNCHIAN inspired short films selected for screening at the Twin Peaks UK Festival 2018.


This year we saw over 50 entries for this popular section of the fest, and each one them were unique in their own way. We love seeing how the world of DAVID LYNCH inspires you and how you take the inspiration and carry through to your work and make it your own. This year was particularly hard to choose and we feel we’ve managed to come up with a real mix of themes and skillsets to create a great Lynch Inspired Short Films section. 

The films screening at the 2018 TWIN PEAKS UK FESTIVAL are (in no particular order):

‘Klementhro’ by Ben Mitchell 
‘Transmission’ by Varun Raman and Tom Hancock
‘The Summer House at Pearl Lakes: Part 2’ by Thor Amli 
‘Stockholm 6’ by Magnus Lenneskog 
‘The Man Behind the Curtain’ by Xanvier Allison
‘The Body Which Belongs To Me’ by Erico Silva 
‘The Box’ by Mark Rosenau
‘In Dreams’ by Connor Clements
‘Chad’ by Stephen Lange
Congratulations to our FILMMAKERS for this year and thank you all for sending your work to us.
TICKETS for the Twin Peaks UK Festival can be found HERE!