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Art Macabre At The Twin Peaks UK Festival

art macabre 3 copy

Peakies we are proud to announce that the hugely successful ART MACABRE will be holding their famous DEATH DRAWING SALON at the Twin Peaks UK Festival.    Founded in 2010, Art Macabre encourage you to pick up a pencil and explore the DARKER SIDE of arts.  Imaginative themes,…
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Amy Shiels To Attend Twin Peaks UK Festival 2017.

Amy announcement

Peakies! We are very pleased to announce that AMY SHIELS has accepted our invitation to the 2017 TWIN PEAKS UK FESTIVAL! As a new cast member in TWIN PEAKS: THE RETURN Amy has proved hugely popular with fans in her role of…
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David Lynch: The Art Life To Screen At The Twin Peaks UK Festival

the art life

Peakies! We are very excited to announce that we have secured the rights to screen DAVID LYNCH: THE ART LIFE at the TWIN PEAKS UK FESTIVAL this October!   If you haven’t seen this fascinating DOCUMENTARY (and even if you have!)…
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Michael Horse To Attend Twin Peaks UK Festival 2017


We are beyond thrilled to announce that MICHAEL HORSE will be joining us at the 2017 TWIN PEAKS UK FESTIVAL in October.  As Deputy Tommy ‘Hawk’ Hill, Michael is one of the most beloved and mysterious characters in Twin Peaks…
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